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Kantha Jacket

Kantha Jacket

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These repurposed kantha jackets are reversible with pockets.

Made from old cotton saris,hand stitched with love.

Durable and beautiful.

100% Cotton

This one of a kind piece features mixed prints blocks of colour in contrasting shades.  These original and unique pieces are a perfect example of preserving and up-cycling vintage fabrics.  No two are alike!  Noor will they ever be.

The original patina includes areas of patches, fraying and age-softened feel. These unique characteristics make each piece are wearable work of art, and something to wear with joy and a sense of ultimate individuality.

Care Instructions:

Ideally Dry Clean your Kantha jacket, although they can be machine-washed.  Otherwise, gently wash by hand.  This will help preserve your precious garment for longer, and perhaps lead to a new generation of wearer.

Tell your story your way!  

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